• Black Garlic Umami Dressing 175 ml
  • Country Japan
  • Contents 175 ml

Miyazaki Black Garlic Umami Dressing 175 ml

Miyazaki Black Garlic Umami Dressing is a delicious blend of soy sauce with sesame and black garlic. The dressing has a delicious Umami flavor and is ideal as a dressing for salads or as a dip for hotpot, for example. Black garlic is created by fermenting normal garlic. In this process, the garlic turns black, but also changes its flavor where it gets a sweeter and slightly licorice-like taste. The extra umami that the black garlic brings makes this dressing a fantastic addition to any salad! This sauce is completely vegan.
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  • Manufacturer: Miyazaki
  • Price: 10.89
  • Country: Japan
  • Contents: 175
  • Unit: ml
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  • Legal name:  Soy sauce dressing with black garlic
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