The story of Lobo

Lobo is known for its Asian spice mixes and was created by the famous brand Globo Foods. Lobo has produced spice mixes since 1977. To date, the brand has more than 70 different kinds of spice and dessert mixes by Lobo. This has allowed the Asian brand to become the number one brand in the field of Asian spice blends in Thailand. Lobo has sold delicious and authentic Southeast Asian flavors to consumers for years in convenient small consumer packets. So everybody in the world can enjoy Asian spices and flavors in the comfort of their own home. The Lobo brand uses influences from the countries India, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. The Asian spice mixes allow anybody to make delicious Asian dishes in their own kitchen. Have you tried the Thai Tom Yum soup of Tandoori Tikka yet? Let the many flavour sensations of Lobo surprise you!

  • Your home-cooking expert
  • Authentic Thai cuisines
  • Make the kitchen the best place in your home