• Chilli Paste Oelek & Garlic 245 GR
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  • Country Thailand
  • Contents 245 g

Flying Goose Chilli Paste Oelek & Garlic 245 GR

Sambal oelek (or ulek) is a hot Indonesian spice paste or condiment with thick consistency, which is made from red chilli peppers that is popular across many countries. Oelek (pestle) refers to the way the pasta is made. Red chillies are finely crushed in a mortar and mixed with spices. The result is a delicicous spicy ground fresh chillie paste. Flying Goose Chilli Paste Oelek and Garlic contains 81% of fiery red chilli peppers with water, sugar and spicy garlic. The seeds of the red chillies provide the characteristic heat and flavour, and remain visible. Flying Goose Chilli Paste Oelek and Garlic can be used for many dishes such as grilled dishes, vegetables, fish, rice, and for the preparation of marinades. Moreover sambal oelek is also suitable for enriching sauces, soups and is perfect for stir-fry or as a dipping sauce.
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  • Manufacturer: Flying Goose
  • Price: 2.39
  • Country: Thailand
  • Contents: 245
  • Unit: g
  • Vegan?: Yes
Additional Information
  • Legal name:  Ground chilli paste with garlic
  • Diet information:  Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-free, Lactose-free
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