Koningsvogel Chilli paste Sambal Badjak 750 GR
Sambal is a spicy seasoning chili paste from Indonesia. Traditionally, sun-ripened chilies are crushed in a mortar. Sambal badjak is a spicy sambal with fried onions and sweet soy sauce that gives the chili paste a slightly sweet and salty flavor. Koningsvogel Chili Paste Sambal Badjak is not only delicious as a dip for grilled dishes but is also very suitable for spicing up soups, stews, and wok dishes. Add the spice paste of Koningsvogel to all your dishes and give your food a spicy bite with a fine roast aroma.

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Chilli paste Sambal Badjak


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  • Legal name: Chilli paste Sambal Badjak