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Soybean paste comes in different types and flavours think hoisin sauce, as well as miso, but basically soybean sauce and paste is made from fermented soybeans and is a favourite ingredient in Japanese cuisine for flavouring soups and marinades.
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A Deep-Dive into Soybean Paste

Soybean Paste, a ubiquitous ingredient in Asian cuisine, packs a flavorful punch and supplements cuisines with its rich umami profile. Remarkable for its versatility, Soybean Paste originates from fermented soybeans which are grounded into a thick, savory paste. Its production comprises of a meticulous process integrating fermented soybeans with grains which primarily include wheat or rice. Known by names like "Doenjang" in Korea, or "Miso" in Japan, each variations possess unique flavor characteristics influenced by their respective fermentation processes. Bursty in its taste, which shifts from sweet to salty, to umami, and perplexing in its usage, one might find it being a backbone of various stews, marinades, salad dressings and much more. It’s a nutrient-dense product, loaded with amino acids, vitamins and minerals, that not only adds to your culinary repertoire but also contributes to a healthy diet. Its uniqueness lies in its ability to amplify the flavor of dishes without compromising nutritional value. Far from any ordinary ingredient, Soybean Paste holds the key to the door of a gastronomic journey filled with never-ending surprises and utmost satisfaction.

Nutritionally Dense Soybean Paste

Experience the outstanding health benefits of our meticulously crafted soybean paste, a staple of traditional oriental cuisine. The exceptional mélange of fermented soybeans and hearty grains offers a rich fusion of proteins, fibers, vitamins and minerals. Each element has undergone careful selection and stringent quality control ensuring its organic purity. The detoxifying properties of the paste, attributed to a high concentration of antioxidants, uphold its renown across extensive culinary landscapes. This enticing paste remarkably carries a low saturated-fat content, contributing to a heart-healthy diet. Indulge in the tantalizing taste of our soybean paste and enjoy nourishment at its best.

The Preparation of Soybean Paste

Derived from a century-long tradition in Asian culinary circles, the preparation of soybean paste boasts a rich, complex process. Initially, culture-rich soybeans undergo a lengthy fermentation period, revealing a robust, umami flavor signature. During this phase, naturally occurring microorganisms work synergistically, intensifying the paste's depth of taste. Furthermore, periodic stirring infuses airy burstiness into the mix, balancing the intense flavor profile with a light, smooth texture. In essence, this meticulous process seals the 'umami' perplexity inside each gram of soybean paste, producing a unique gastronomic experience of savoring an Asian staple.