Le MSG, également appelé "roi des saveurs" par certains, est un exhausteur de goût largement utilisé dans la cuisine asiatique. En soi, le glutamate monosodique n'a que très peu de saveur : il rehausse principalement les saveurs des ingrédients et du plat lui-même. Ajoutez un peu de MSG à votre plat et vous remarquerez que votre plat gagne encore en saveur !
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Exceptional Ingredients in MSG

The key components of MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) include primarily two substantial elements; Sodium, from common salt (sodium chloride), and Glutamate, an abundant naturally occurring amino acid. Contrary to common misconceptions, MSG is not chemically synthesized, but rather derived from fermentation processes similar to those used for yogurt or vinegar. Utilizing corn or sugar cane as a nutrient source, MSG celebrates the wonders of nature, offering a safe, tasteful additive to foods and heightening taste experience, without any significant health side-effects. Its ingredients perfectly adheres to the umami palate, delivering a burst of flavor with a low level of sodium compared to standard table salt.

Master the Art of Crafting the MSG

Discover the craft of creating MSG, an essential household flavor enhancer, with our comprehensive guide. From grounding high-quality corn, wheat, or soybeans followed by the careful process of fermentation and crystallization, understanding the science behind the scenes enhances your appreciation for the unique, umami-enriching element it brings to your cuisine. Emanate gastronomic creativity, understanding the intricate techniques of MSG creation. Be assured, our method exempts unusual preservatives, ensuring genuine taste and a healthy lifestyle. Now, you're better equipped to explore rich, exciting food flavors, appreciating the humble yet transformative MSG.