Chiu Chow Fried fish cubes 1000 GR

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Product information

Product Description

Frozen fried FISH cubes

Ingredients: FISH meat (Priacanthus tayenus) 60%, water, stabilizer : E401, SOYbean oil, modified tapioca starch, SOY protein, sugar, salt, flavour enhancer: E621, EGG WHITE powder, stabilizer : E170, humectant: E450, E451.


1 kg

Nutritional values

 Per 100 g
Energy750 kJ
Energy180 kcal
Fat9 g
Of which saturated2 g
Carbohydrates14 g
Sugar4 g
Proteins11 g
Salt1,75 g

Additional Information

  • Legal name: Frozen fried FISH cubes
  • Allergies: Eggs, Soy.
  • Product Surcharge: €3.95