• Katsuobushi Bonito Flakes 20 g
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  • Country Japan
  • Contents 20 g

Makurazaki Katsuobushi Bonito Flakes 20 g

Katsuobushi stands for smoked and shaved bonito flakes. Bonito flakes are made from the "striped tuna" or Skipjack (which officially is not a tuna at all, but a mackerel-like species). The shaved Bonito flakes are often used to make Dashi stock (for Ramen, among other things!). This is made together with kombu (seaweed) and possible additions of soy sauce. You can also use Bonito flakes as a topping for your dish. The unique Umami flavour takes your Japanese dish to the next level.
Product information
Product Description

Dried fish flakes


Ingredients: smoked and dried flakes of tuna (FISH).


0,02 kg

Nutritional values Per 100 g
  • Energy 1473 kJ
  • Energy 348 kcal
  • Fat 3,3 g
  • Of which saturated 1,3 g
  • Proteins 80 g
  • Salt 0,5 g
  • Manufacturer: Makurazaki
  • Price: 5.45
  • Country: Japan
  • Contents: 20
  • Unit: g
Overige Informatie
  • Legal name:  Dried fish flakes
  • Allergies:  Fish.
  • Diet information:  Gluten-free, Lactose-free
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