Tian Hu Shan Matcha - Green tea 80 GR
Tian Hu Shan Matcha Green Tea powder is made ??from steamed, dried tea leaves. The powder has an intense green color and a sweet spicy flavor. Because of its color and fresh tea flavor, matcha is often used in baking, on ice cream, desserts and smoothies. Green tea has a positive effect on digestion and reduces blood pressure. Enjoy a nice cup of freshly brewed Tian Hu Shan Matcha - Green Tea whipped with a bamboo whisk. Matcha tastes also delicious in desserts and has a beautiful optical effect.

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    80 gram


Product information

Product Description

Green tea powder

Ingredients: Green tea powder


0,14 kg

Nutritional values

 Per 100 gr
Energy1255 Kj
Energy300 Kcal
Carbohydrates30 Gr
Fibers15 Gr
Proteins35 Gr

Additional Information

  • Legal name: Green tea powder

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