• Matcha Latte
  • Hoofd
  • 1 Persons
  • 5 Minutes

Matcha Latte Enjoy your Matcha Latte

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Ingredients Asian Food Lovers:
Add yourself:
  • a bit of hot water
  • icecubes
  • a bit honey
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    Preparation method Matcha Latte

    Matcha is a popular ingrediënt when it comes to tea. We drink it as a replacement for coffee, or just because it tastes good. In a good coffee shop you can even get Latte Art in it, but also if you make it yourself at home it looks fantabulous, right? 

    1. Beat the Matcha with a whisk through some hot water. Just a little bit. This can just be in a glass
    2. If the Matcha is dissolved in the water add ice cubes to the glass.
    3. Pour coconut milk on top and see how the colors blend.
    4.Stick in a straw and enjoy!

    Serveertip: Add some honey to make the drink slightly sweeter.

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