• Shelled Mungbeans 400 GR
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  • Country Thailand
  • Contents 400 g

Golden Chef Shelled Mungbeans 400 GR

Shelled mung beans are generally common in Indian cooking and are used in many different ways in Indian cuisine. Golden Chef Shelled Mung Beans are perfect for preparing various dal dishes. These mung beans are especially popular among vegetarians and are an important protein supplier. Indian dosas (crispy pancakes) are also made from mung beans (flour). Fry Golden Chef Shelled Mung Beans and then use them as a garnish for sticky rice with mango or the Singaporean dish tan suan (sweet soup).
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  • Manufacturer: Golden Chef
  • Price: 2.25
  • Country: Thailand
  • Contents: 400
  • Unit: g
  • Vegan?: Yes
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  • Legal name:  Mung beans, peeled
  • Diet information:  Vegan, Vegetarian, All natural, Gluten-free, Lactose-free
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